Blimey! NFL Adds Yet Another Game in London for the 2017 Season.

In America’s latest move to insist to Europeans that our football still isn’t soccer, the NFL has announced that their 2017 season will include four games played in London as part of its international series. This is the most games the NFL has played in London, upping the total of three games that have taken place every season since 2014.

Ratings in America for the London NFL games are some of the lowest of last year’s season. Early morning Eastern start times have always been an issue. Would you consider getting out of bed for the Jaguars? Even if you lived in Jacksonville, probably not. However, the Brits are watching and attending these games in massive droves. In 2016, the NFL TV ratings for the London games on British television were up 80% from 2015, drawing 9.8 million viewers. And in total, the three games held in London during the 2016 season drew a collective 242,373 attendees to the Wembley and Twickenham stadiums.

We do know that the Saints and Dolphins have committed to playing a game in London in 2017, but the other teams that will be flying across the pond to toss the pigskin around haven’t been confirmed yet.

This is also a huge step forward in London’s continued desire to bring a permanent NFL franchise to the city, but no word yet on whether British tailgates would include tea and digestives.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who would bring a pitcher of Pimm’s Cup to her British tailgate. Or any tailgate really. Follow her on Instagram.