A sleepover party on the 72nd floor, and a murder mystery

London Freebie of the Week
A sleepover party on the 72nd floor of The Shard? Hell yes. This Saturday, DoingSomething will bring together the Pizza Pilgrims, the Royal Observatory, an all-night bar, and a ton of London singles, and give them all a 360-degree view. As the night rolls out, so will the sleeping bags, so you can catch some Zs under the stars and wake up to a breakfast and hot drinks. We’ve arranged a special discount of £25 on men's tickets just by entering “shardmen” at checkout. Get all the information, here.

Thursday, September 11th: Tonight, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society is putting on a dinner in Shoreditch, and they’ll be pairing rare, single cask whiskeys (such as a 34-year-old oak and vanilla single grain dram) with “Scottish tapas”. What ARE Scottish tapas? Well, they involve 12 different types of game, incl. woodcock, hare, partridge, and wild boar. It’s called the Glorious 12, and the info is right here.

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Saturday, September 13th: Artist Dan Tobin Smith has been collecting trash. But it’s ok, because he’s turned it into art, based on the “Law of Kipple” (that all rubbish always multiplies) from the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (inspiration for Blade Runner), and he got his friends involved to create a strange and beautiful supper club. Cocktails from 69 Colebrooke Row, wine-pairings, and a five-course dinner from FunThyme. Book your ticket here

Sunday, September 14th: Someone has been killed at The Boathouse pub in Putney. So put on your best ’20s gear and help them nab whodunnit, all the while playing out an assigned character and eating far better than they did back then. Think brisket, sweet potato mash, honey-glazed veggies, apple pie, and cheese w/ figs. All of this is then paired with wine and knowledge. Grab your deerstalker and book here.

Booking ahead: What would you do if it was your last night on Earth? Pray that you were going to Mars tomorrow, or head to the End Of The World Party on the 20th, and live like there’s no tomorrow. These parties are known to be incredibly debaucherous, and always sell out, so grab a ticket while your can, here.