The Weekend Playbook: Vodka lollies, Edible Cinema, and half-off fried chicken

edible cinema

Event of the Week Opening from today 'til midnight Sat, Hackney's getting a vodka lolly pop-up bar, w/ multi-flavoured frozen treats, ice shots, and Bloody Marys w/ lemon-celery cubes. There's also seafood, banh mi, DJs, film screenings, and more, right here
Thursday, June 13th Like a lot of table tennis players, Pupp keeps returning -- this time for four whole days in Camden, complete w/ street food, a pop-up bar, and custom paddles!
Ping over to the website

There's not much to say about LaFreak, except that they cut together classy "glamoursmut" clips from movies, and show them to you in a cinema. It sounds totally weird & awesome -- check it out here
Friday, June 14th Edible Cinema is holding a sensory screening of Eternal Sunshine, and tickets (which sell out crazy-fast) go on sale today.
There'll be free Bombay Sapphire cocktails too -- get a seat here

Aged cocktail bar VOC gets a little awesomer today by opening their grill, and using it to scorch sous-vide ribeyes & chargrilled duck breast w/ port sauce. Sail over to
Saturday, June 15th Hit Filthy McNasty's today for the soft launch of their totally clean & mclovely pop-up resto, simply called Meatlover. Why? Brisket, pulled pork, and fried chicken is why.
It's 50% off, and you can book here with a simple message
Sunday, June 16th As part of the Nose-to-Tail fortnight, check out Beast & Barley: a South London twosome who'll be giving a pig butchery demo before cooking up the results & pairing it with beer.
Prepare to mix butchery equipment with alcohol right here