Aside from a great way to organize your pails, The Bucket List also gave us a great way to describe the “things you must do before you kick the bucket” (as opposed to... after?), so in a slightly less morbid spirit, we put together a list of the 35 things you should do while you still live in the gloriously entertaining metropolis that is London...

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Get a curry on Brick Lane

It won't be the best in the city, but it needs to be done. 

A drink at Gordon's Wine Bar

It's the only cave in central London! 

A night at Ronnie Scott's

We promise you won't be blue.

Jason Allen/Thrillist

A burger from MEATliquor

... or Patty & Bun -- they'll probably bring you closer to the “bucket” part of the list, too. 

Cocktails at 69 Colebrooke Row

This place is the mothership of great London cocktail spots.

Jason Allen/Thrillist

Go on a pub crawl

Here are a couple of humble suggestions

Go to London Zoo

Go for the Lates -- only the coolest animals are still awake. 

Get inside the houses of Parliament

Without getting elected and/or having a dad in Pink Floyd. 

See an outdoor movie

And staunchly refuse to acknowledge the weather. 

Get a steak at Hawksmoor...

... or, if you’re feeling flush, Dinner by Heston.

Jason Allen/Thrillist

Play some table tennis at Bounce

In the very room where table tennis was invented, no less. 

Try a tasting menu

Gordon Ramsay might have a couple of suggestions. 

Have a beer straight from the tank at a craft brewery

Here’s where to do that.

Jason Allen/Thrillist

Dim sum in Chinatown

Not sure where to go? You’re welcome. 

Play beer roulette at The Craft Beer Co.

Prepare thy tastebuds. 

A lobster at Burger & Lobster

You’re only allowed to try the burger after you’ve had at least one lobster. 

Hit the Notting Hill Carnival

Get some jerk chicken, and wonder why you don't have it ALL THE TIME. 

Have a meal at St. John

Try the bone marrow -- it’s Anthony Bourdain’s favourite meal ever.

Electric Cinema Shoreditch

See a film at the Electric

If heroin is anything like lying on the sofas while watching a movie, then that would explain a lot. 

Hit the Portobello Market, buy an antique

It’s fake, but who cares? 

Take a cruise down the Thames

Remind yourself why “swim in the Thames” isn’t on your bucket list. 

Make an actual call from a red phone box

That whole thing ONLY makes phone calls! Insane, right? 

Grab lunch from Borough Market

... and breakfast, dinner, brunch, elevenses, tea, and a light snack.

Flickr/Miss Sara Kelly

Peep some Shoreditch street art

Remember, when you do it, it's graffiti. 

Catch something at The Globe

It would be a tragedy if you didn’t. 

Go to Wimbledon

This might actually be enforced by law.

PaddyBriggs/Wikimedia Commons

Catch a cricket game at Lord's

Then have an epiphany as to why six hours of beer drinking make it the world’s best spectator sport. 

Play something on Denmark St


Get a meal in the Shard

The chefs at Hutong will attempt to immolate your tongue... but the people look like ants! 

Get into a private members club

Soho House in Shoreditch has a pool, by the way, so try and make it that one. 

Go see a football match

Bonus if it’s the North London Derby.

Matthias v.d. Elbe/Wikimedia Commons

Go to St. Katharine Docks

... on a sunny day. 

Go inside Battersea Power Station

If it were flipped upside down, it would make an amazing pool table. 

Check out the Tate Modern

That piece you love is probably a fire extinguisher. 

Climb the 02 Arena

That’s a billion pounds worth of chaos underneath your feet. Enjoy!

We've obviously left out a lot of great stuff here, so tell us in the comments!

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