Free cider and a two-day ox roast


London Freebie of the Week
This Saturday, the folks from The Cider Box are hitting the CRATE Brewhouse for a cider fest -- there’ll be 15 apple-hooches, lots of hot smoked meat (4 Hour Pork Belly cooked in CRATE IPA served with Chorizo Dust Fries, for example), DJs (Lou Hayter from New Young Pony Club!), and bands (Jack Broadbent amongst others) -- plus, if you send them a nice email, you could get a free meal and a couple of pints of CRATE cider on the house! Check out the details here

Friday, April 18th: It’s Record Store Day, when thousands will descend into independent record stores all about the country for in-store performances, special releases, and street parties. It's described as “Christmas for geeks”, but non-geeks are also welcome. Watch their awesome movie here

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Friday, April 18th: Morning Gloryville is organizing a 12-hour sleepover lock-in party. That’s right, have a chill Friday night, sleep, and wake up to a coffee-fueled dance-a-thon. They’re also promising a “human massage chain”, so there’s that, too. Head here for info/tickets.

Friday, April 18th: Head to the "Mississippi Delta" for a night of blues, voodoo, and bourbon with The Wandering Chef. There’ll be five courses incl. BBQ’d salt brisket w/ crispy onions and buttermilk ranch; po-boy sliders with soft-shell crab, smoked chilli & roast garlic mayo; and crawfish, pork belly & grits with bourbon, chipotle, and smoked tomatoes. Throw in a few picklebacks, and you’ve got no reason not to click here.

Saturday, April 19th: The Ship down in Wandsworth has teamed up with Flat Iron for the BBQ to end all BBQs. They’re roasting a 250kg Longhorn steer for TWO DAYS on a custom spit (built to handle that insane weight) and serving it up with jacket potatoes, salad, gravy, and a pint of stout. For £12. Reserve your meat here

Sunday, April 20th: Regular pop-up Christabel’s Mad Hatters Brunch Party is back for an Easter Special, complete with dishes like scones with cheese & spiced honey, pancakes with bacon, toast with marmite and fried eggs, and a cocktail on arrival for everyone (it's also BYOB, to save £s). Go down the rabbit hole here