Free ping pong, lobster rolls, and... what is an "Edible Story"?

London Freebie of the Week
Pop Up Ping Pong is cheating on its regular engagements at The Old Nun's Head and Boxpark with a one-night stand over at the Stour Space in Hackney Wick tonight, complete with music, coffee, and booze. Want to get in on that option? Tweet at @PingPopPong with the hashtag #HackneyPUPP and you could get a free table. More details here

Thursday, April 24th: While Borough Market is still doing its normal, super-awesome weekend trading, they’re now adding a ton of delicious pop-ups for the Summer -- grab lobster rolls from B.O.B.’s Lobster, gyoza from L’ailolive, British steaks from Northfield Farm, and more. Find all the details, here. Continue Reading

Thursday, April 24th: Head down London’s oldest ice cream factory at Carlo Gatti’s Ice House where foodie/artist duo Hunt & Darton Cafe are bringing us the history of ice cream, which you will apparently be licking your way through. With strange flavors (pig skin w/ broccoli, apparently), and some terrifying-sounding “guest participation”, catch it before it melts right here.

Thursday, April 24th: Blanch & Shock are manning the kitchen for this edition of Edible Stories. The concept? They’re telling a classic tale w/out words, instead using each dish as another chapter, and adding clues to the table to help you gradually uncover the story. Oh yeah, there are free cocktails to help suspend your disbelief. Preface everything with a click here

Friday, April 25th: After a sell-out launch last month, Grub is back for another night of edible insect delicacies. Give the locust a taste of its own medicine right here.

Saturday, April 26th: Italian pop-up, Holy F*caccia is back at two-wheeled paradise Look Mum No Hands! with more delicious Italian sarnies. Word on the street is oxtail is on the menu this time around. Check out his Twitter -- with glorious pics -- here.