The Weekend Playbook: 500 beers, roller discos, and ping-pong robots

the urban sessions

Event of the WeekToday sees the launch of The Urban Sessions: a beertastic four-month event that sees an old Hackney public bath redecked with 10 bars and boasting a staggering 500+ craft beers, ciders & cocktails. There're DJs and food stalls too -- get the lowdown here

Friday, 12th JulyTwo words: Roller. Disco. Now 28 more: from today 'til September, Kings X will have a full DJ-fueled party on wheels, all catered by -- you guessed it -- Disco Bistro. Roll over to the website

Also today, Camden Lock Live returns with a mini-festival of awesome local musicians, food, and booze. Learning how to juggle, play massive Jenga, and battle table tennis robots. You heard us -- table tennis robots!

Saturday, 13th JulyThe Chap Olympiad hits Bedford Square today, with its traditional "celebration of athletic ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases". Go for gold at the site

Then keep calm and carry on slap anyone who says that at the Blitz Party. Get a ticket here

Sunday, 14th JulyThe annual Red Bull Soapbox Race touches down in North London today -- there'll be insane races, plus drinks and food carts, so they might as well give you wings. Race here for more info

It's Bastille Day, so escape to Borough Market for a massive street party complete with all things French, like wine, cheese and, er, snail racing (seriously). Allez, ros bif! Le website c'est ici!