Like 3D, but better

Published On 05/02/2012 Published On 05/02/2012
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1. Edible Cinema at the Electric 191 Portobello Road, London, W11 2ED

The leather-armchair-appointed Portobello theatre will host a series of "sensory experience" screenings wherein each audience member is given numbered "packages" before the start, and mid-screening placards announce when to open/eat their molecular-gastronomical contents, so as to enhance corresponding scenes. Things kick off next Sun with Pan's Labyrinth, intensified with the likes of a pine-smoked popcorn for woodland scenes, and "carbonated red grape" for the moment a character eats an "enchanted" one, enchanted grapes hopefully not being something you'll also taste when they screen David Bowie's just-plain Labyrinth.