Pop flicks, popcorn, Pop-Up

Film appreciation's a liar's game, in that most of the time, the person telling you his favourite flick is Some Like It Hot really means ...Shots! Part Deux. Bringing you classics you honestly care about: Pop-Up Screens, tickets on sale now.

Happening in May, Pop-Up is a cinematic takeover of a tree-lined section of Ravenscourt Park, where over the course of three weekend nights they'll be screening three films from three decades, each of which "have been in pretty much everyone's top ten at one point": Ghostbusters, The Big Lebowski, and Pay It Forward. Just kidding, the last one's Anchorman. But this weekend's about more than just movies:

Food: Alongside freshly popped corn, the "Exotic Meat Man" will vend wildebeest, springbok, buffalo burgers/steaks, wild boar bacon, and, to ensure you become so full you're flightless, ostrich sausages.

Drink: A well-stocked bar complete with bottles of rosé & white and a beer chiller, far preferable to the infinitely more chilling "no more beer".

Specials: Lebowski will see Caucasians, Anchorman Scotch, and, for Ghostbusters, possibly Twinkies, assuming these plans aren't stymied by British Import Duty being less survivable than nuclear war.

Service: All of these delightful refreshments (plus blankets) will be delivered to you by a small army of ushers, as opposed to an army of small Ushers, also known as "Justin Biebers".

Yet More Entertainment: To warm you up, they'll be showing short films, many of which were favorites at Austin, TX's SXSW festival, including the videogamey Mario In Real Life (less mushrooms, more crack).

Finally, they've designed tees and posters, available for purchase right now, and featuring an iconic image/quote from their respective flicks, so you can proudly show off the fact that deep down you love the same movies as everyone else because hey, nobody's perfect.