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A free pub crawl and some sky-high dining

Young's Pubs

Freebie of the Week
Young's is celebrating its 183rd birthday this month... by giving away nine pairs of tickets to a free pub crawl! That’s right -- you’ll get to go to four pubs for beer, wine, cider, gin, cheese, Scotch eggs, a three-course meal, and of course, cake. All you need to do to get in on this is follow @YoungsPubs and @ThrillistLondon and Tweet #183YearsYoungs, between Sept 4th-10th. There’s a whole TON of cool stuff going on during this crawl, so check out the details here.

Thursday, September 4th: Harrods have gone and invited five chefs -- with 13 Michelin stars between them -- for five monthly pop-ups, starting this week. First up is Carlo Cracco from Milan with a six-course tasting menu with the likes of marinated egg yolk, green tomato risotto with langoustine, and veal fillet gratinato. Book yourself in right here
Saturday, September 6th: Fatman and Friends are taking over The Pillbox Kitchen in Bethnal Green, and will attempt to put you into a food coma with buttermilk chicken w/ lemon & tarragon puree, pork loin w/ caramelized apple, and more. Sign yourself up right here
Sunday, September 7th: Silent films are getting a modern-day soundtrack! Only the band has never practiced... or even seen the film. Head down to the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill where some top-class musicians will improvise their way through classics with Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Buster Keaton. It might be a comedy, or a tragedy, and possibly a train wreck... so book a ticket immediately.
Booking ahead: Scared of heights? Well, for 10 days, starting from the 12th, six stellar London chefs (from restos like The Modern Pantry, L’Atelier, and Club Gascon) will be catering to a table of 22 served from 100 feet in the air. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Champagne flights available, these will be truly awe-inspiring meals. The view might be nice, too, so catch your seat now

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