19 things in LA we're totally thankful for

Bulgogi Burger
Jeff Miller

It's Thanksgiving week, which means one of two things: 1) you're heading home to see your family where you'll lie and tell them your last audition went great, when there wasn't even really an audition in the first place, or 2) you're staying in LA, in which case, good luck on your not-audition! Industry disappointments aside, there's plenty to be thankful for in LA this Turkey Day. We found 19 things:

1. We're thankful for self-BBQ'd Korean bulgogi at 3a.

2. We're thankful for the 405, the 101, the 605, and the 110... but only on national (and Jewish!) holidays.

3. We're thankful for the first four pages of the menu at Jerry's Famous Deli.

4. We're thankful for that guy who just pulled out of that space you need right by the 3rd St Promenade.

5. We're thankful for free shows at The Satellite, The Echo, The Bootleg, and The Silverlake Lounge on Mondays, and at the pier, the Hammer, the Getty, and every single park space in the city over the Summer.

Club Lines

6. We're thankful for those girls who wait in line for hours outside of clubs in Hollywood.

7. We're thankful for those girls who actually get into those clubs in Hollywood.

8. We're thankful for Waze.

9. We're thankful we can drive to the mountains and to the beach in the same day. Even though no one's ever done that, because, yo, that'd actually be impossible to pull off.

10. We're thankful for the proximity to Coachella. And, related, your friends' grandma's house in Palm Springs.

LA Farm
Flickr/Mohamed Elashi

11. We're thankful for the farms that grow all the oranges, pineapples, and persimmons that end up in our cocktails. Also: our cocktails.

12. We're thankful for those spooky dioramas at the Natural History Museum. Who thought those were a good idea?

13. We're thankful for Morning Becomes Eclectic.

14. We're thankful for 80 degrees and sunny. On December 23rd.

15. We're thankful for the brave people who make illegal bacon-wrapped hot dogs, especially right in front of cops outside of Staples Center. God bless you.

16. We're thankful for Vin Scully.

17. We're thankful for walking-distance dispensaries, and the UCLA co-eds they employ.

18. We're thankful for Angel City, Golden Road, The Bruery, and every other craft brewer that's made getting good beer in LA expected, rather than impossible.

19. Speaking of which, we're thankful for 21+ screenings at the ArcLight.