Speakers you can use with anything

Inspired by that neighborhood in NYC where drugs are still ingested but no longer sold, these LES speakers from a local audiophile company claim to be the first desktop/portable-audio-ready speakers w/ both 3.5mm and optical inputs, which are apparently much pricier than illusions. What sets them apart:

Digital drivers: Unlike most old-school speakers, these puppies are digital on the inside, meaning they're less likely to distort, are still crisp at low volume, and have a fuller range of sound, which the average (Chuck) Person can appreciate.

Mega bass: Using a proprietary driver and something called a "passive bass radiator", LES amps up that bass-y noise to get the sound deeper without losing anything from the upper frequencies, despite the fact that Kenneth still refuses to provide them to Michael Stipe.

Anything-connection: The list of devices you can use with the LES's is lengthy, ranging from iPhones to Blu-ray players to Boxee, which is apparently a device to watch YouTube on your TV, so...sucks for you Daniel Tosh! 2.0!