The 13 Weirdest Things We Saw at Monsterpalooza

Published On 04/01/2015 Published On 04/01/2015
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Last weekend, the yearly horror/sci-fi convention Monsterpalooza swooped down and clawed its way into the Marriott in Burbank. For three days fans got to drop by in extreme costumes to browse collectibles and brave long, long, long lines to pay to hang out with Lance Henriksen (wooop!). Here're the best/weirdest items from the festival.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

1. Marty and Doc... are stunned

Some sculptor spent his time making Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd look permanently jaw-dropped. Great Scott!!

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

2. Evil Dead 2's Necronomicon

Time to break out the boomstick.

Aaron Pruner/Thrilist

3. Dr. Satan... for real


Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

4. This... uh... child-eater?

She said she was dressed up "to eat children." But she's got a great smile. Which is IMMENSELY CONFUSING.

Warholy Photography

5. Carrie

Props, first, for the costume and second, for not getting any of that blood on us. That's, like, what, three showers' worth?

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

6. This cosplay alien

She said "Take me to your leader." We said, "How's the beer garden sound? That's the direction we're heading in."

Warholy Photography

7. Michael. Freaking. Jackson.

Seriously, think about how much time it took for him to put this costume on, and the funk of 40,000 years he'll experience when he finally takes it off.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

8. This Mystery Lady

Strangely... arousing?

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

9. Original face casts from The Exorcist

Arguably the best feature of Monsterpaloooza was its museum, which had all sorts of kitsch from awesome horror movies, like these face molds for a young Linda Blair and Max von Sydow.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

10. Zombies from Return of the Living Dead

The museum also housed these dead guys, who are for sale by calling the CREEPIEST PHONE NUMBER EVER.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

11. An original Rick Baker Gremlin

Goofier than I remember. Less goofy than, uh, Goofy.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

12. Splinter's lair

Someone get this guy a pizza.

Aaron Pruner/Thrillist

13. The One Who Knocks

Obviously, the scariest monster of all? Walter freaking White.

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