What smells so good? The year's best stories that defy categorization.

1932 Zombie Killing Games: Created by a probably totally normal Pittsburghian who repurposes old artifacts and makes them monster-laden art pieces, the 1932 Zombie Killing Games is an intricately detailed breakdown of the psuedo-Olympics of the undead...more

Meathead's Yearbook: An aggressively ambitious collection of caricature-style celebrity portraits, drawn and posted one each day with the goal to have a different celeb 365 days of the year, also what Brandon Davis nearly achieved in 2007...more

StreetStrider: Opening its first West Coast brick & mortar location today, StreetStrider's a company that makes elliptical-ish modes of transport that look kinda like mutant bikes but give a workout so hardcore, they've been endorsed by The Biggest Loser...more

The Drinking Game: TDG's a monthly event run by a host of comics that do a live table-read of a classic film, w/ the audience encouraged to participate and also given both cues when to drink, and the option of purchasing a kit of Rocky Horror-type "interactive props"...more

Safari Surf School: An off-the-beaten-path, optionally all-inclusive, week-long surf academy for everyone from beginners to experts in a tiny beachside town called Nosara in Costa Rica, w/ predictably rideable waves on a pristine, warm-water nature preserve...more