This is gonna be awesome

Housed inside an old police car warehouse in Little Tokyo (aka, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA), the Transmission LA: AV Club Festival is a nearly month-long fete starting tonight with music, art, and exclusive Kogi deliciousness, w/ access completely free, and completely curated by Beastie Boy legend Mike D, which's pretty much exactly what Steve Kerr said when D'Antoni was all "Dude! Steve! You're firing me? What's the problem bro?". Here's the best of what's going down

The Food: Kogi superstar chef Roy Choi's hosting a built-just-for-this-event inside/outside restaurant popup every Thurs, Fri, and Sat, armed w/ both his original Korean street food menu (i.e. tacos filled with short rib, spicy pork, and the-one-thing-you-never-want-to-call-Marty-McFly), plus over-the-top surprise dishes that he's not announcing 'til the night of

The Art: Expect tons of massive, room-taking-over visual insanity from world-renowned peeps like NY-based video guy Takeshi Murata, who once recreated Popeye in 3D; Mike Mills, who's done album covers for Beck & Sonic Youth; and Tom Sachs, who's known for recreating modern icons out of everyday items -- he once made designer chairs out of copies of the Yellow Pages, which was kind of a dick move 'cause you were totally using those to find important phone numbers for people and businesses do... something

The Music: 'Cause he's gonna get good stuff, Mike D's dropped a crazy lineup of free live tunes, with Santigold doing a set tonight, mash-up master Z-Trip on April 28th, and, on May 3rd, a performance from James Murphy, whose decision to go off on his own was, to many people, offensive for way more than seven seconds or less.