Awesome TV shows, now with way more sock puppets

A totally under-the-radar project from a bunch of Hollywood dudes (including the guy who does the voices for Indiana Jones and Han Solo on Robot Chicken), Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater recreates episodes of classic TV shows using strictly... wait for it... wait for it... here you go... sock puppets. To give you a sense of the madness, we anticipated the questions you'd ask about their production of The Golden Girls, then answered them

I think I already know the answer, but why The Golden Girls?Well, they've already experimented with I Love Lucy, Friends, Roseanne, and Hogan's Heroes, but none of those really captured the feeling of old socks quite like these lovely old ladies

So each show covers just one episode, right?Right

Please tell me it's the one where Blanche pushes her granddaughter Melissa into a beauty pageant she doesn't want to participate in, while an injured Sophia bonds with her nurse...?Actually, although they won't always do pilots, this time they are, due to the difficulties you might otherwise have following all the intricacies of the septuagenarian sexcapades

Sweet. Is it gonna include the original score, or what?Not only does it include the original score, you get the theme song played by real live musicians

Rad. Anything else?All the puppet theater shows also include recreations of of-the-era ads (i.e. old-school Toys R Us commercials) and news

Please tell me I get to drink while I'm watching this?You get to drink while watching this. It's at a bar.