Cabs're here!!!

Every man, no matter how strong, has a weakness, something that'll tug at his heartstrings. Hopefully this isn't it: the Jersey Shore Musical

Debuting on Wednesdays this month at the Bootleg, Jersey Shoresical's exactly what it sounds like: an over-the-top musical based on the greatest greasiest reality show of all time, staged mostly set-less and covering all three seasons of the show so far, written by a duo of recognizable comedy actors, so cross your fingers for Jim Caviezel! The show's almost all-sung, and features a Greek chorus of hot chicks (nicknamed the "Random Sluts") narrating the story, with songs including the classic dude-only anthem "GTL", the Ronnie-vs-Sammie "I F***ing Love You/I F***ing Hate You", and "Grow Some Balls", sung by J-Woww, who is played by a drag queen with enormous fake breasts -- so, J-Woww? Each night's also got a surprise guest star playing the role of "The Grenade" and ends with a cash-bar dance party meant to simulate a night at Karma, so expect to be cornered by a kind of crazy Israeli girl with lots of t-shirts.

The cast/crew've also got a Kickstarter going, which -- if they hit their goal -- will get them to the East Coast for the New York Fringe Festival, which, no matter how strong, also has a weakness -- mainly involving its name.

Photo by Natalie Toren