LA Beer Olympics

Admit it: you learned a ton of valuable stuff in college, from how to flip a plastic cup with a single finger, to how to throw a ping pong ball into that same cup from, like, 10ft away. Helping you finally put all of your valuable college learning to use: this Saturday's LA Beer Olympics, an annual, open-to-the-public drink-lympiad orchestrated by the Angel City Derby Girls

Here's how it works: six-person teams with matching uniforms and pun-filled names honoring their country of choice (Bongjour!) compete in college-style drinking games, all of which're kept secret, but'll probably include classics like beer pong and flip-cup, and classics-if-you-went-to-ASU like a drinking relay race with wheel-barrows and bat-spins

There're trophies for the winning team, plus -- to keep things legit -- there're also referees, who can serve up infractions with a yellow card (chug a beer or be disqualified), or a red card (have a shot of cheap whiskey or be disqualified), as well as a chugging penalty for any team with someone who says they can't drink anymore, even after you prod them to give it the ol' college try.