A live show that lets you know when it's time to drink

Doing two things you like at the same time is awesome, unless they involve rubbing your head and patting your stomach, in which case -- you've still got A LOT to learn about sex. For a night that combines the much less difficult actions of boozing and watching a movie, check out The Drinking Game.

TDG's a monthly event run by a host of comics that do a live table-read of a classic film, w/ the audience encouraged to participate and also given both cues when to drink, and the option of purchasing a kit of Rocky Horror-type "interactive props" -- also the name of the segment James Cameron hosts on 106 and Park. Like the guests, each movie's at least 21 years old, with this month's pick being the Chevy Chase/ Steve Martin/ Martin Short classic The Three Amigos; gettin'-boozed cues won't be announced 'til the night of the show, but rumor has it they'll likely involve "El Guapo" and "Santa Poco", with the cast having to drink each time their name is mentioned (thanks for being the DD, Townsperson #8). If you want to splurge for the goodie bag, it's $3, and includes a toy pistol, bandannas, an edible bat, and song lyrics for the singalong, although who're you kidding, you'll never be able to keep up with that damn bush.

In case you forget booze, there's a liquor store downstairs, and if you miss this one coming up, they'll be doing Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Die Hard, and Better Off Dead, which is something you might be, if you can't sort out this rubbing and patting deal.