Two things that go together like... booze and pancakes

Returning to LA after a long absence is a reminder of everything you missed about the city, from the smell of the waves in Santa Monica, to the smell of the Wavves fans in Silverlake. For another reminder of the city's greatness, returning this weekend: Pancakes and Booze.Started as an ultra-underground art show in 2009 and finally returning home after a victory lap around the country, P&B combines breakfast food, alcohol, and all sorts of emerging artists in a debaucherous, two-day, open-to-the-public party that'll set you back just a Lincoln, unless it's that MKT model, in which case you'll probably need to give them something else as well. Pancakes are included and all-you-can-eat, while booze is, for legal reasons, at a cash bar; art-wise, they've got for-sale works from 75 emerging artists (ranging from horror-creature sculptures from a movie effects guy, to sketches of punk rockers, to a terrifying propaganda poster with the Statue of Liberty holding up the beheaded remains of Uncle Sam) as well as nude models posing for "erotic" live painting, although technically that depends on if you're sexually attracted to the dudes who sing "Lightning Crashes". They'll also have a gratis photobooth, as well as music from indie-electro acts like the 3D mindbenders Kid Infinity, and the female-led, glockenspiel-pounding crew Future Dancing, also a style which'll presumably include the Hovering Man. In addition, there'll be a live-art "battle" open to anyone who brings a canvas & paints to the show, and in the next couple months they'll also be throwing events in SF & Denver, 'cause as great as coming back to LA is, you do have to leave to realize it's the Best Coast. Photo by Craig Rivota