This. Is. Awesome.

Remember the first time you watched Jurassic Park, and were literally so blown away that you immediately went home, called all of your friends, and were like, "Yeah dude, Newman is totally in it"? Well get ready to be blown all over again June 28th, when an Austin-based comedy crew brings JP from the big screen to the small stage with a hilarious, one-night-only, 75min rendition of the Spielberg classic: Jurassic Live. And before you call all your friends again and're like "dude, the Thrillist story didn't even have a list of five awesome factoids", check it:1) Dinosaurs are made from low-budg essentials including papier-mache and swim noodles wrapped in chicken wire, also a beloved HBO show where nobody does anything illegal at all.2) All parts, including the laaaaadddddiieees, are played by 20-something guys, which's too bad, 'cause that girl from the movie's now hot and makes Christian music, so you know she's available.3) The Jeff Goldblum character is played by a dude who looks just like him, though likely with far inferior jazz skills (look it up!).4) The company also puts on faux trailers before the performance, including one for Congo, another for Mission Impossible, and a third for The Dark Knight, which even Jokers should be able to appreciate.5) Occasionally, they'll toss in a random musical number, including a selection from Beauty and the Beast, another movie that so blew you away you called all of your friends and were like, "Trust me dude, the chick from Murder She Wrote is totally the teapot".