Seventh grade reading, now in debaucherous party form

Tossed by the guy responsible for the LA Beer Festival and the LA Cocktail Classic, this Sunday's Great Gatsby Party is a period-costume-recommended super bash held at the massive, opulent Park Plaza Hotel, which was built way back in 1925 (yay credibility!)

VIP tix're the way to go: $60 gets you past the cash bar and into a private room with all-you-can-shoot whiskey, gin tastings, and fancy cocktails referencing train stations in New York underneath Madison Square Garden (Penn Station), plus free shaves, shoe shines, and... er... manicures. Once your nails are all did, you'll wanna check out allllll the ballrooms: one'll have a traditional big-band swing thing going on, another'll have 19-piece New Orleans Jazz masters Vaud and the Villains, and -- when you're done talking about how much you totally like swing and jazz and have the Brian Setzer Orchestra CDs to prove it -- the third'll be bumping top 40

And, 'cause you'll be hungry after watching your GF flap around with her friends, they'll also have an open-air courtyard with a cadre of food mobiles like the Bun Truck and Slammin' Sliders, perfect if you're planning to eat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.