The Point Break Live guys deliver another epic show

From the dudes who brought you Point Break Live, Terminator Too: Judgment Play's a super-interactive, totally ridiculous retelling of Schwarzenegger's best movie not named Pumping Iron. Or Total Recall. Or Predator. Or Terminator I. Or Kindergarten Cop. Or Twins. Or Conan The Barbarian. Or Red Sonja. Or True Lies. Or Commando

The cast's the originals from Point Break Live, w/ one exception: Ahnuld himself's picked out of the audience each night with an audition involving some of the 'Nator's best catchphrases. The "winner" then gets armed with a supersoaker and's given prompts via cue cards, which, if you know the movie front to back already, you probably won't need... waitforit... Furlong. Literally the whole movie's recreated, from Robert Patrick's first shape-shifting, to the shotgun-toting chase through the LA river, to Sara Connor's final drive down the highway, or as Tom Cochrane calls it, life

To ensure full-on interaction, each guest can also buy a "Nuclear Fallout Pack" for the show, which includes various secret accoutrement in case you wanna also be a (Last) Action Hero