Thrillist Art Crawl

If you're tired of spending your free time re-enacting obscure Civil War battles with your uncles (shout out, Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake!), aim your guns at this monstrous, just-announced, Thrillist-only art crawl (with totes free parking!) at Bergamot Station, where $15 gets you all the open-bar refreshments you desire, as well as a new appreciation for any art that isn't Shell'd.

The deal:

What you'll see: 20+ exhibits open all night, including surreal sculptures from a dude who tells chicks he's got work in the Guggenheim; a massive, 60+ contributor ode to the history of the LA art scene; and the Santa Monica Museum of Art's exhibit "Tantric Song", which thankfully isn't just Sting playing the lute while he orgasms for sixty straight hours.

What you'll hear: Alt-rock from KROQ spun by RLDJ and SuperGoodMusic, whose name clearly suggests he doesn't remember that KROQ occasionally plays Papa Roach.

What you'll eat: Quality food trucks will be out en masse, including architecture-themed sweetness from Coolhaus, sandwiches you wish you would've eaten as a wee lad from the Grilled Cheese Truck, and Top Chef Masters-made tacos from Border Grill, also the Mason-Dixon-themed pop quiz your uncles will subject you to, if you fail to recall that Lee's forces only retreated during the second Battle of Rappahannock Station.

Photo/art by Vanessa Matthews