Zombies, Alice Cooper, and Leatherface are coming for you

It's almost October, and you know what that means: it's nearly our 21st President Chester Arthur's birthday! But after you celebrate that glorious day by baking a cake shaped like the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, you should check out Halloween Horror Nights, Universal's actually terrifying fright-fest, which this year features totally new moves like a 3D maze presided over by Alice Cooper, an attraction entirely based on the spooky video game Silent Hill, and a backlot tour with hordes of zombies from The Walking Dead, though, at this point, that's pretty much just Weir and Phil Lesh. To get you ready to wet your britches, we got the makeup masters behind the park's "scare-zones" to make a dude up like a brain-eater, then sent him out to scare the unsuspecting public even more than Arthur did when he named his sister "White House hostess". Protocol!