The People of Coachella 2016... as Seen Through Instagram

Annie Lesser

There's a long-standing criticism of Coachella that it's become less of a festival about music and more of an excuse for people to gain more likes on Instagram -- which is why we asked the social-media-photo app that runs your life to help us figure out what the best and/or most-liked pics were from the fest, featuring actual people who were there (and, yes, some models. WHO ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!):



I see no dirty anything in this shot. Except maybe man-splits.

Annie Lesser

Not an instagram photo, but still: best getup ever. Including the cane.

Seriously, you can't beat that Ferris wheel.

Wait... this guy found a place to sit somewhere???

Uh... you're welcome? We're not sure what for but, yeah.

She is totally checking out his tits.

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Jeff Miller will see you back on the field this weekend. See HIS Instagrams (which didn't make this list) at @jeffmillerla or yell at him to check yours out at @thrillistla on twitter.