Bowling and Buffalo Wing Pizza in... Little Tokyo?

Lanes at Xlanes, Los Angeles

Could XLanes be a nascent carpool-lane program developed in Van Nuys strictly for p*rn stars? Maybe. But this XLanes is a 50,000sqft adult-as-kid playland with 24 bowling lanes (eight of ‘em private), an arcade, nine Brunswick pool tables, a surprisingly non-divey bar, and some damn delicious eats

Yes, they do have that beer that keeps winning blue ribbons at fairs. But they've also got 23 other draughts with some actual craft goodness, including local brewers like Angel City and Golden Road, aka that thing William Jennings Bryan refused to go down in his 1896 Democratic National Convention speech. HISTORY!

If you don't want burgers topped with Gorgonzola, guac, and honey balsamic, you should probably get this BUFFALO WING PIZZA (cheddar, blue cheese, Buff sauce, and a ranch drizzle).

'Cause, duh, Mom, I AM GONNA SPEND ALL 24 QUARTERS, they've also got a sick arcade, with everything from standard skee ball to imported-from-Asia awesome like Fruit Ninja.

Beers at XLanes, Los Angeles
Pizza at Xlanes, Los Angeles
Arcade at Xlanes, Los Angeles