Hello, awesomest thing ever

Not just Helen Keller's perpetually-partially-fulfilled to-do list, Eat See Hear's also now a 17-week, outdoor movie-cum-music-cum-food truck series launching next Saturday with tons of grub, sick bands, and film classics projected digitally on a giant inflatable screen that'll move to different locations each week, including a government building in Pasadena, a high school in Santa Monica, and The CabernetPinotChardonnay Port of Los Angeles. A peek

See: Literally, every single one of the 17 screenings is a movie you've hilariously quoted at some point in your life, starting with Anchorman, and continuing with undeniable winners later in the Summer like Lebowski, Tommy Boy, Karate Kid, and -- because this wouldn't be a plethora of movie titles without it -- The Three Amigos

Eat: In addition to a sometimes-cash bar, there'll be an all-the-time bevy of awesome food trucks, with six-plus rotating options each week including excellence like nutso ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus, breakfast-y wraps from the Wake N Bake Wagon, and the tandoori-laden India Jones -- try all three and it could be your Last Crusade

Hear: Bands are also consistently legit, w/ Coachella-vet, experimental rock group Islands opening things up, and later-Summer appearances from the crazy-harmonic local guys King Washington, Buzzbands.LA darlings The Little Ones, and a closing-night concert from the Neutral Milk Hotel-inspired So Many Wizards, aka what Helen was forced to resort to in order to bang out the second two items on her to-do.