See bomb bands before they blow up

The Los Angeles landscape is littered with concert venues, but perhaps nowhere do you stand as good of a chance at seeing the band of tomorrow today than at The Echo. Proving they didn't waste all of their juice naming their spot after both an effects pedal and their location, they lured in the likes of Foster the People, Silverspun Pickups, and Haim before they got big, which is industry speak for becoming famous! Here's how things generally go:You order a drink at that there bar......then watch some star-in-the-making do something like this......until you can't help but totally rock! Throw up the devil horns, bro!Not everyone's an unknown, as a recent gig by 90s-grunge-rockers-turned-political-playwrights Green Day proved.And not everyone even plays an instrument, as a recent live performance from the '90s-Jewish-therapist-turned-raunchy-James-Bond Archer cast proved as well.Photos: The Echo