Calling out those who call out

Just launched, F You Yelper is a curated online repository aptly defined as "an exploration of the d**chebaggery idiots commit when enabled with an Internet connection, enough money for a meal, and a sense of entitlement", so in other words, it's basically all about people trying to act exactly like Alan Richman. Among those quoted:

The Bothered By PJs Yelper: "There were people outside in their pajamas. How difficult is it to change into street clothes? That just ghettoed the place. My brother brought 2 donuts from donut man and nobody ate them. We all said ew. It's just a donut."

The Old, Frightened Then Inexplicably Xenophobic Yelper: "People were shoving others to get up front until I had to yell that I had been there far longer and the sales clerks were totally ignoring me. Now I am not short, I am 57. Perhaps my problem was that I was raised with manners and other cultures were raised to fight for the right to a bakery item. When I finally retrieved the cakes, the sales girl looked at me and said Is this what you have been waiting for. I wanted to smash her face into the cake".

The Issue With Ethnicities Yelper: "This restaurant is CONFUSED. Going for dainty frenchy place, with menu item names you cant pronounce. Owner is super white. But everyone else is mexican with HUGE accents, that make it a mexican restaurant atmosphere instead = mess up ambiance. There's Nothing Wrong with hespanics!! It just messes the ambiance. Its like having Chinese accent guy serving you Indian food".

The Unintentionally Obnoxious Yelper: "Our head waiter was very good and did very well to check up on us for drinks and water, however when it came to some of the dishes he seemed to not know the answer one too many times. I am not talking about specific ingredients or wine pairings, but simple questions like where the butter came from, or how many counts in the espresso".