How Festival Supreme, LA's Comedy and Music Extravaganza, Came to Be

Published On 10/25/2016 Published On 10/25/2016
Tenacious D
Tenacious D | Cody Burkhardt
Courtesy of Festival Supreme
“I don’t think anyone else was doing what we did, where we put the comedy at the forefront or at least hand-in-hand with the music. I felt like Jack and Kyle were trailblazing.”
“It doesn’t matter how good your lineup is if you can’t take a shit.”
Tim Heidecker | Cara Robbins
“Flow is key. You want your festival to be moving. You want people to get a little bit of this and then go somewhere else to get a little bit of that. That’s sort of the electricity of festivals.”
Courtesy of Festival Supreme
“Jack and Kyle know every act and they know why they want them to perform. They have a reason for being there.”