You're gonna want tickets to all of these

The third iteration of the ultra-underground(ish) Everything Is Festival, this raucous celebration of insanely bizarro/awesome pop-cultural-ism is packed with 21 events (including, oh, a PETE & PETE REUNION) at four venues spread across 10 days. Assuming you already used up your 10-day work vacation to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ('natch), check out teasers for the only four events you'll need to find excuses to attend and click on through for ticket deets below:A movie-length compilation of 100 explosion-centric action scenes culled from a crapload of random films that're then tied together by absolutely. nothing. at. all.A screening that's essentially a live-action Mystery Science Theater 3000 with the original cast (!!), who'll be heckling their way through 1973 chicksploitation movie The Doll Squad, which somehow doesn't include the line "Barbie's got nards!!"A totally true behind-the-scenes look at Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling: the only somewhat-shameless pre-internet way to watch women pile-drive each other repeatedly, with a panel of the former wrestlers actually attending.That Pete & Pete reunion. Seriously. Pete & Pete. Reunion.