Want to win an all-expenses paid trip to an island paradise?


Because they're awesome, the peeps at the matchmaking site Three Day Rule are giving away two pairs of free trips for Thrillist readers (one for two single dude-friends, and one for two single lady-friends) to Catalina, the island paradise that's just a short boat ride from LA.

The trip is May 3-4th and is all-expenses-paid (minus drinks at a karaoke bar one night), and includes your boat to the island from Long Beach (!), your hotel (!!), all meals (!!!), zip-lining (!!!!), and water sports... which thankfully gets a (!!!!!!) and not a (????).

So, how do you get in on this? Just register on their website, ignore the part about cost, and say you heard about it on Thrillist. In a week, they'll pick a winner, and you'll be all like, "WATER SPORTS(!!!!!!)".