From the 405 to TMZ: 9 LA-centric Halloween costumes

KCRW Masquerade Ball LA
Jeff Miller/ KCRW Masquerade Ball

Because you're already gonna see, like, 40,000 fox costumes, all of which only say "I'm not really creative at all", check out these nine eminently executable local Halloween costumes that'll actually make people who see you say "wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-POW".

Traffic On The 405What you'll need: A t-shirt and hat from the Venice boardwalk, plus a bunch of Hot Wheels & double-sided tapeHow to execute: Just whine allllll night while walking around crazy-slowly. Extra points if you bring a boom box and blast bass-heavy music

The Accidentes GuyWhat you'll need: A cheap suit and tie, a faux bushy moustache, and an enormous smileHow to execute: Do your best to stand behind any buses you see, otherwise people might think you're Ron Burgundy

Dennis WoodruffWhat you'll need: Your old high school/ middle school/ elementary school trophies, and any other medals you won just for participating in childhoodHow to execute: Glue all of said awards to yourself and walk around all night handing out terrible DVDs

Howard Mordoh, aka That Old Dancing Guy From All The Hollywood Bowl ConcertsWhat you'll need: Gray hairspray, gray beard, a tie-dye shirt, and a borderline-dangerous supply of 5-hour EnergyHow to execute: Never stop nodding your head in time with the music. Occasionally twirl and snap at the same time. Take photos with literally everyone you meet

Harry Perry, aka That Dude Who Plays Guitar While Rollerskating In VeniceWhat you'll need: Roller skates, guitar, mini-amp, dreadlock hatHow to execute: Play the same lick over and over. Ask every person you see for a tip

AngelyneWhat you'll need: Pink. Lots of it. And a blonde wig. And insane amounts of makeup.How to execute: Make sure said makeup is caked on to beyond-comical degrees. Fall down occasionally. Also, if you don't have enormous breasts, add those to the "what you'll need" pile.

Jeff Miller/ KCRW Masquerade Ball

Good Foot/ Bad Foot Silverlake Sign
What you'll need: Two foot costumes, crutches, and bandages
How to execute: Never leave each other's side, and make sure the bad foot looks pissed at all times... which they will be, since they'll be stuck carrying crutches while wearing a foot costume.

420 Doctor
What you'll need: Fake-looking scrubs, prescription pad, green tape to make a cross on the scrubs, and "medicine"
How to execute: Ask everyone at the party why they're anxious. Nod, and then -- no matter what they say -- write them a prescription and tell them not to share with anyone else.

TMZ "Reporter"
What you'll need: An iPhone, a camera, and chutzpah
How to execute: Anytime someone sits down, take a picture of their crotch, then shoot iPhone video of their response to the question, "how do you feel about twerking?" Try to get them to swear at you.