There's a free, beer-fueled, '20s-style boxing match this Thursday

Colin Young-Wolff

Because, uh, why not, your Grandpappy's favorite beer brand, Schlitz, is dropping a very sweet event on Thursday at the Hollywood Athletic Club: an old-school, '20s-style boxing throwdown, with four amateur bouts (lightweight! welterweight! middleweight! heavyweight!) of hit-men popping each other for your amusement.

They're asking for people to wear '20s-era gear for the whole thing, so get out your beard wax/fedoras/other things you've seen in Silverlake. There's also gonna be live, era-appropriate music, sweet burlesque, and comedians, as well as Schlitz (duh) and sweet gear designed by Brooklyn Circus: to go, just click right here.

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