Calendars for Every Outdoor Movie, Free Concert, and Fest in LA, Updated

Published On 05/29/2015 Published On 05/29/2015
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So, earlier this month, we published three "Master Calendars" with 1) every outdoor movie in LA this summer, 2) every free outdoor concert in LA this summer, and 3) every festival in LA this summer. We promised we'd update them as we got new info -- and, well, we got more info.

So here you go: all three of those calendars, updated, because you wouldn't want to miss Spaceballs, would you??? (No, you wouldn't.)

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Every Free Outdoor Concert in LA This Summer

Now including new shows in Downtown LA, Playa Vista, and LACMA.


Every Festival in LA This Summer

Now including Make Music Pasadena, the Big Bite Bacon Fest, and an all-new Burgers & Beer festival.

Kelly Lee Barrett ©

Every Outdoor Movie in LA This Summer

Now including new showings of: Willy Wonka, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Beetlejuice.

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