The KCRW tastemaker-turned-fest-performer gives you the inside scoop on who to catch this (and next) weekend

KCRW's Mario Cotto picks the best of Coachella

Because the only thing you did to get ready for Coachella was buy an old Operation Desert Storm tee and write 2013 on it in marker, we asked globe-trotting, KCRW-approved DJ Mario Cotto (playing the brand-new Yuma tent at the fest today) to hit you with the best little-known music from the fest, so your friends will, at least, think your music taste is bomb

"Waking on a Pretty Day" by Kurt VileMario says: "If Pavement and Tom Petty hopped into that DNA-merging transport machine from The Fly, you might get something that resembles Kurt Vile's cool brand of weirdo rock."Thrillist says: "So is that Jeff Goldblum on the piano, or what?

"Real Life" by TanlinesMario says: "These dudes marry '70s Woody Allen sensibilities with electro-tropical vibes."Thrillist says: "'Marry' and 'Woody Allen' and 'vibes' should almost never be in the same sentence.

"Genesis" by GrimesMario says: "Take cute pixelated video game pixie vibes filtered through Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins and then feed that candy-colored sugary breakfast cereals... you have begun to approximate an avatar of Grimes."Thrillist says: "So what you're saying is, she's blue, and does the sex through her tail?

"Hood Pass Intact" by Dam-FunkMario says: "His boogie funk sits perfectly in the mix with some Slave, Prince, or that gangsta shizzz from Snoop Dogg or MC Eiht."Thrillist says: "Shoot the J! SHOOT IT."

"Save Yourself" by The Make-UpMario says: "This is punk. This is not punk. This is gospel yeh-yeh."Thrillist says: "This is ADD.

"Telephone" by Locussolus aka DJ HarveyMario says: "DJ Harvey is the greatest living DJ. He plays long disco songs you've never heard before but become your favorite song of all time. Usually he does this in marathon seven-to-eight-hour sets."Thrillist says: "So why is he only playing for an hour and a half at Coachella?

"Sugar Man" by RodriguezMario says: "A tiny little man, he's the Dylan that never was and the Marvin Gaye that could've been."Thrillist says: "... and, um... the dude with the guitar on the quad you once bought shake from?

"You Rascal You" by Hanni El KhatibMario says: "He's more likely to loan you a quarter for the soda machine, but one look at HEK and you'd be convinced he'd shank you with a switchblade for looking at him the wrong way."Thrillist says: "And here you are, trying to convince us to look at him."

"Chem-Farmer" by Thee Oh SeesMario says: "These Bay Area dudes marry Garage Rock, Psychedelia, Math Rock, Krautrock, Punk, and every other cool thing your cooler older neighbor was into when you were listening to Wham! on cassette and make you see the light. FYI: Henry Rollins loves them."Thrillist says: "Sigh. It wasn't Wham!. It was C+C Music Factory.

"I am The Resurrection" by The Stone RosesMario says: "Even if you've heard it a million times or never heard it before... this song is church. It's rock. It's psychedelic. It's anthemic. It chugs. It's just... epic."Thrillist says: "Great. So they're sort of like C+C Music Factory?"