The Most Beautiful Places in California You Never Knew Existed

Updated On 10/08/2019 at 05:11PM EST Updated On 10/08/2019 at 05:11PM EST
poppy reserve
Poppy Reserve | joojoob27/Shutterstock
Alamere Falls | Flickr/albedo20
Bowling Ball Beach | Flickr/Daniela
The Glory Hole | RelentlessImages/Shutterstock
La Tour | Elizabethmaher/Shutterstock
Painted Canyons | Flickr/Chetan Kolluri
Natural Bridges | Flickr/Bodey Marcoccia
Pfeiffer Beach | Flickr/Gordon
Fern Canyon | Nora Yusuf/Shutterstock
Geology of the World and the Environment
Glass Beach in Fort Bragg | Aneta Waberska/Shutterstock
Enchanted Forest | Andrew Ferguson/Shutterstock
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve | joojoob27/Shutterstock
Zabriskie Point | Bill Perry/Shutterstock
Inspiration Point | Flickr/J. Stephen Conn
Hetch Hetchy Valley | Flickr/roger/williams
Kelso Dunes | Flickr/allanjder
Burney Falls | Flickr/Steven Bratman
Indian Canyons | Flickr/Gerard Hammond
Bumpass Hell | Flickr/Don DeBold
Spring Mountain | Flickr/Jameson Fink
Abalone Cove Shoreline Park | Flickr/Joshua Smelser
Cap Rock | Flickr/Ken Lund
Black Sand Beach | Danita Delmont/Shutterstock
Rainbow Falls | Flickr/John Loo
Alta Peak Trail | Trek Bears Photography/Shutterstock
Gustafson Family Vineyards | Wilder Shaw
Muir Woods | Sundry Photography/Shutterstock