Who shot first? None of these guys.

Sure, everyone remembers the main characters in the Star Wars saga, but with a cast so big, it's easy to forget the little people, though to be fair, they do just try to rip you off on stolen protocol droids. Finally acknowledging that Han wasn't just rolling Solo in this universe, Ordinary Star Wars.

From a former Simpsons/Futurama animator who's also responsible for Horrible Movie Night, OSW's a Twitter feed that cleverly attempts to capture much of the action of the saga ostensibly from the perspective of auxiliary characters/ unknown foot soldiers/weird-o aliens thankfully not voiced by Seth Rogen. Among the highlights:

  • "The a$$hole who rented Docking Bay 94 just left without paying his landing tariff, and shot a bunch of holes in the wall", although when those Stormtroopers had time to listen to CDs with lifetime guarantees is anyone's guess.
  • "Huge scare in my quarters today -- Dianoga in the bathroom! I managed to flush it down the toilet. It's the trash compactor's problem now." Presumed reaction from trash compactor: (various angry robot beeps).
  • "Guard duty today at a meeting with Death Star honchos. No one died, believe it or not! Lord Vader took Motti down a peg, though :)", assuming a peg means nearly choking him to death with the Force, winky smiley face.

Though it can be hit-or-miss in its hilarity, OSW's being updated once a day at least, with the guy also taking suggestions of characters' POVs to write from, making the odds pretty good that at some point, you'll Ewok right into something great.