15 People You'll See at Runyon Canyon

Published On 05/22/2015 Published On 05/22/2015

No question, at some point you're going to go hiking in Runyon Canyon, whether it's on a date, or because you're crossing something off your bucket list, or because you're sick of checking out secret hikes (hahaha, yeah right). And when that happens, you're going to see these 15 people, for sure:

Flickr/Eric Mueller

People with dogs

You bring your best friend here (the one with rawhide breath) and let him roam free. A poodle sniffs his butt. Random hikers scratch behind his ears. He terrorizes a squirrel. And it’s THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE.

Women in full-on makeup

You look hot accidentally-on-purpose because, hey, it’s Hollywood. And you never know if you’ll bump into an agent. Or a shirtless, Channing Tatum-looking dude. Or actual shirtless Channing Tatum. It could happen.

Michelle Spencer/Thrillist

Shirtless dudes

Who wears a shirt? Not you! The world needs to see those 12-pack abs. Or that crop of sweaty man-fur that covers your 12-pack stomach.

Dog walkers

You herd six hounds at once. That’s a lot of poo to pick up. How do you keep their leashes untangled? More importantly, how do you not get dragged off the cliff? You don't get dragged off the cliff, right??

Michelle Spencer/Thrillist

Lovey-dovey couples

It may be 90 degrees out, but you’re committed to trekking up that hill in a half-hour of sweaty embrace. Wait... were those cartoon birds flying around you? Ugh.

Badly sunburned people

You’re in sunny LA. There is nary a tree for shade. And you forgot to bathe in SPF 60. This is why you’re the color of a Pink’s hot dog.


Who needs hot yoga in a fancy-pants Beverly Hills space when you can do tree pose amongst real trees? In real heat? For free?

Incognito celebs

If it looks like that one chick who was the roommate of that other chick on that FX show, it... is.


Tourists (who are probably looking for incognito celebs)

You’ve got your backpack, your tote bag, your purse, your man-purse, your water bottle, and your camera. And you wonder why it took you longer to pack than it did to hike.

Hikers on their phones

We get it. You’re literally SO BUSY that you can’t even squeeze in outdoorsy time without someone needing you like, RIGHT NOW. 

Cliff climbers

Yep: to you, the regular trail is just so... yawn. You must go steeper, rockier, pee-your-pants risky. Please. Don’t. Die.

Michelle Spencer/Thrillist

Runners, joggers, and just regular Los Angelenos working out

You either power up Runyon like a Navy Seal. (We are in awe!) Or, you just want to burn off last night’s Benito's.


It’s the second best way for you to break in that new hip!

Michelle Spencer/Thrillist

People who are actually in jeans, dresses, heels, etc.

It’s no Mount Baldy. But you do realize that you’re hiking on a dirt trail, right?

That guy stocking water and snacks at the Fuller entrance

Thanks, man. I was parched!

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Michelle Spencer has hiked Runyon Canyon so much that she can successfully dodge the dogs who run at top speed in their leash-free euphoria. Catch her at @thermos62000 on Twitter and @rockingirlie on Instagram.



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