Like Guinness, but potentially way stupider

Because records are meant to be broken, unless they're Phil Collins' No Jacket Required, hit up RecordSetter Live!, the first LA version of the acclaimed NY event that attempts to beat Guinness at its own game by creating a compendium of record-breaking feats by ordinary people.

Though most of LA's feats are still TBA, some of the moves already locked down include a new record from a dude who already holds the current and extremely sexy tally for most times a steel nut is rolled between fingers in a minute (59), a re-breaking of the record for most people to hug a beagle in one minute (like three, maybe?), a performance from the world armpit fart champion, who is not surprisingly 10yrs old, as well as records broken by a number of magicians and comedians, presumably one of which is "Most Dudes in One Room Who're Cripplingly Insecure Around Attractive Women". The whole point of the shindig is to help launch their just-released book, which compiles the stories behind such absurdities as the largest toothpick beard (2222 toothpicks), the most pieces of chalk thrown at a person in a taco suit singing "Space Oddity" (144), and the most times getting a Mattress World employee to say the word "Mattress" on a phone call -- a record that'll never be broken, as these days kids only prank-text Mattress World.

They're trying to ensure that there are adult beverages at the event, which can be used to inspire you to petition to break a record yourself, though judging by your normal productivity, you still have a Long Long Way to Go.