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Rental Car Rally: The best road trip ever?

The crazy-ass, scavenger hunt-style overnight road race that is Rental Car Rally is returning again to LA the weekend of July 11th (just one of the many awesome things to do this month!), and it’s going to be awesome. Here's the lowdown:

First, you need to score a ticket and sign up for a team of as-many-people-as-you-can-cram-into-your-vehicle (do so here). With everyone assembled, you'll then head to a to-be-disclosed location at midnight (!) on race day, where you'll meet up with the other teams... all of whom'll be in costumes ranging from the cast of He-Man to pizza delivery peeps.

You'll then be given a dossier of 'til-then-top-secret stops that you'll have to make along the way to the finish line (with previous races including everything from abandoned theme parks, to zombie-like ghost towns, to crazy-cool desert art installations). The organizers promise this one will include dinosaurs that aren't the ones on the way to Palm Springs.

To make things interesting, they're also including a bunch of stuff to mess with the other teams en route, such as -- here's where the Rental Car part comes in -- eggs, Hershey's syrup, mustard, and other edible grossness. The whole thing ends with a crazy, BBQ-laden party “somewhere on the coast between LA and SF”, where the winners will be judged on two criteria: lowest odometer reading, and a crowd-voted category that's essentially "most creative/cool team”. So what are you waiting for? Go win this thing!

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