Is Steve Edwards Wearing Pants Behind the Newsdesk? Find Out.

Published On 06/01/2015 Published On 06/01/2015
Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards is not only one of our favorite newscasters in LA, but 2015 is his 20th year on air, and to commemorate the occasion we decided to ask him a bunch of mostly ridiculous questions. Starting with whether or not he's wearing pants. Read on: 

Do you wear pants under the desk, or is it formal up top, fun down below?

Since I’m standing for much of the show, the bottom is covered. We want to attract viewers, not chase them.

What time do you go to bed and wake up every day?

It varies -- there are days when I wake up halfway through the show.

Do you get recognized all the time?

Yes. People say “We know who you are and we don’t care.”

Do you get free drinks anywhere?

I’ve been offered several glasses of water -- some with ice.

Do you write your own copy or is there a team that does that?

 News stories are written by professionals. The rest  of the show is ad-libbed -- so blame us.

What do you do when the teleprompter goes out?

Enjoy the show even more.

What's the hardest story you've ever covered?

No question -- 9/11 -- as it was happening before us in real time.

Who is the gold standard for newsmen in LA (i.e., who do you look up to)?

The guys who came before and created the template. And Hal Eisner.

How much did Anchorman resonate with you?

I didn’t realize it wasn’t a documentary.

Do you love lamp?

I would if I knew what that meant.

How much did Nightcrawler resonate with you?

Made me never want to work late at night.

Does your hair always look that way or do you spend a lot of time on it?

Four minutes with the hair person at the station, while trying not to breathe in the pollution of all the hair spray from the women on the show.

Do you pick your own suits?

Yes -- for good or bad, they’re mine, all mine. And they all look alike -- I could probably get away with one and a quick dry cleaner.

Have you accidentally ever cursed on air?

Shit yeah.

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Jeff Miller thinks he once partied at Steve's house in high school. If he did, sorry about that vase. You can blame him at @jeffmillerla on Instagram or @ThrillistLA on Twitter.



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