Because Tha Carter 38 was definitely not presidential

Started by an Atlanta dude who silently drag races his Prius on weekends and also whenever the hell he wants, Tha Carter 39's a blog timed to the release of Lil Wayne's latest joint, pairing lyrics from Young Weezy's massive catalog w/ similarly themed photos of President Jimmy Carter, who, nowadays, is also a little wheezy. Among the highlights:

Jimmy C pedals a fixie ten-speed wearing a surprisingly well-fitting pair of jeans and a sport coat: Then I went and got them mags on my bike.

El Presidente keeps his cardio game tight running outside in a red track jacket and some sick pleated running shorts: I'm running this b*tch like Eric Bieniemy back.

Sadly no longer wearing his sick pleated shorts, Jimmy looks like he's fallen under a restricted area sign, though he could also just be severely cheating at limbo: It's a slim chance I fall Olive Oyl.

The former peanut farmer is pictured in the kitchen wearing a sexy apron and cooking up something on the stove, probably with peanut oil. Because he was a peanut farmer, you know?: Stove on my waist, cook your a** up -- gourmet.