If you're out in LA on December 31st, avoid these people at all costs

Unless Champagne gives you gas too, you're gonna go out on New Year's Eve. That means hitting open bars, eating unlimited food, kissing random strangers at midnight, and seeing these 13 absolutely terrible people.

1. That dude who wears a tuxedo and top hat, no matter what
You're at a party in Reseda. Chill out.

2. The guy pushing his way to the front of the bar
Listen man, the open bar ends at 10p for all of us. We understand it's 958p. That's why we got in this line 45-minutes ago.

3. The guys in the band you're seeing at The Echo who play a cover of "1999"
Why the hell are you seeing this band, again?

4. The chick crying in the corner because her boyfriend "is over there having fun without me"
Oh God, he's wearing a tuxedo and top hat, too?

5. The girl who thinks she's way more attractive than she is
Your shiny dress and Wonderbra won't get you into the club tonight. Sorry.

6. The guy wearing "ironic" 2001 glasses with no lenses
Just stop, bro.

7. Your friend who keeps looking at his watch at 1007p and saying, "C'mon, guys, we gotta leave now to get from the Marina to Downtown by 1130p if we want to make it to the other party before the ball drops!"
We all understand traffic, dude. Just tell the girl you're trying to hook up with to come West instead.

8. Your other friend who refuses to either drive or help pay for a limo
Oh you're just gonna hail a cab? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. 

9. Uber/Sidecar/Lyft drivers confused about who they're picking up
"Yes, I am Janine," says everyone at 204a.

10. That one guy complaining that you're in Hollywood, and it's a clusterf**k
Yes, it is. That's why you're here.

11. That one guy complaining that you're at a friend's house in North Hollywood, and why aren't you in Hollywood?
'Cause it's a clusterf**k, dude!

12. The girl you're with that keeps talking about how there's no one to kiss at midnight

13. Your ex. Invariably.