We Asked Out 200 Angelenos on Tinder. Here's What We Discovered.

Published On 03/27/2015 Published On 03/27/2015

If you're single in LA, your thumb is probably sore from swiping -- whether it's left or right, or up and down, which sometimes is more fun when you're single anyways, amirite? Anyway, we were interested in the dating habits of LA's Tinderers, which is why we had a dude (Wilder Shaw) match with 100 ladies on Tinder and ask them all where they'd like to go on a first date (because ladies have awesome date ideas); and also a lady (Nicole Schreiber) match with 100 dudes and ask them all what they'd say if she asked them to have sex with her right then and there (because dudes are gross).

So what happened? Did all the LA guys say, "YES TOTALLY??" Did all the LA girls say, "to Yogurtland with a flask??" We've got your answers.



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