A supper club filled with actual musical talent

Just like the new intern in your office, Don't Tell Mama is fresh from New York. But unlike that intern, you're going to want to spend time with DTM, since it's a supper club where the waiters and waitresses are mostly veterans of the stage/screen (well, mostly stage, but, like, Broadway and stuff) and also come up to that piano and sing. The food comes from a former Soho House/Four Seasons guy, so get yolked for choice moves like this bacon-and-egg-laden carbonara. Good gravy: this 32oz porterhouse, topped with arugula and Parm, is served with a side of mashed taters. There are no wordplays involving food here, since this picture showcases the bar where they'll be serving specialty drinks that are too sweet to publicly advocate (Key lime martinis, pear swizzles, etc.). But don't fret: you can also order what society has told you to want, which should give you enough courage to get up and sing -- something you're only good at in the Broadest sense of the word.