11 people in Westwood who are kind of the... best!

Today's the first day of UCLA's run at a record 12th NCAA Championship, which means Westwood's going to be nuts. Rather than focus on all of the terrible people you're definitely going to run into when you're there (*cough*cough*guy who nine-claps*cough*), we've decided to earn a few hoops karma points with this list of the 11 people in Westwood who are kinda the BEST.


1. The dude behind you in line at Diddy Riese who doesn't judge
Yeah, I'm getting every single cookie made into ice cream sandwiches. So what?

2. The guy who still calls it Maloney's
Not O'Hara's.

3. The guy who doesn't know where the In-N-Out drive-thru line is
Because he's not in it in front of us.


4. Anyone on the Undie Run...
... who isn't a dude.

5. Anyone on the UCLA cheerleading squad...
... who also isn't a dude.

6. The guy who invented all-day happy hours
We salute you, Mr. Palomino.

Flickr/David Guo

7. The dude in the LAX FlyAway line who can break a $20
Because you know the FlyAway driver never brings $10s.

8. The guy who pulls out of his parking spot in the Village just as you're pulling in
Bingo. Bango.

Jerry's Famous Deli

9. The person who came up with the portion sizes at Jerry's (RIP).
So... Jerry?

10. The guy who didn't apron park behind you
And instead, circled around one more time only to find... a dude pulling out of his parking spot in the Village just as he was pulling in.

Flickr user JMRosenfeld

11. The guy who gave Shabazz Muhammad all that money to come to UCLA.
Thanks bro.

Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist LA, and his Mom's a Bruin, so he definitely can do an eight-clap. Hit him on Twitter at @thrillistla or Instagram at @jeffmillerla.