Surprise!: It's <em>not</em> James Beach

Have you ever gone out on the town, and been like, "Alright, I'm at the best club, I've bought my bottles of 99 Bananas, and I'm wearing my finest Life is Good t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, now where the hell are all the models?!" Of course you have, and here they are: Where Models Party.The best use of Twitter since #ReplaceMovie NamesWithPancakes, WMP sifts through the feeds of dozens of beautiful LA-based women, then reposts their tweets about where they're hanging out, all run by a dude who says he was initially inspired by a tweet from Aziz Ansari, the man who knows where more models are at any given time than anyone. Tweets are trolled by hand, with the founder going through pages and pages of "nonsense tweets about manis and pedis and Louboutin shoes" to find actually pertinent hangout info, with over 200 lovely ladies represented, ranging from runway girls, to Maxim models, to KhloeKrisRob Kim Kardashian. Tweets're updated hourly, with shoutouts ranging from the kinda-hidden speakeasy Sayers Club (PlayStation Network host Christina Lee), to Universal City's Infusion Lounge (GoGo girl Maya Michelle Rew) to a tweet from "actress" Jasmine Waltz that reads "I'm having intimate mouth sex with my #dominoes", presumably after she realized that pizza was infinitely more attractive than David Arquette. If the LA feed isn't enough for you, they've also got one set up in Miami, and one that's about to get off the ground in NYC, exactly what you'll hazily be doing tomorrow morning after drinking that bottle of 99 Bananas.Inset photo by Colin Young-Wolff