The Weekend Playbook: Learn the secrets of Louisville chefs & see a Daft Punk tribute

Louisville Event of the Week
Friday, August 15th: While it’s well known that Kentuckians love to drink good bourbon (and occasionally even average bourbon), audience members of the 29th Annual Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cooking Contest at the Kentucky State Fair will learn how to eat the stuff, too. The delicious info’s all here

Facebook/The Bard's Town

Friday, August 15th: Today sees the start of the fifth annual No Balls of Meat all-female comedy contest at The Bard’s Town. Go laugh at some women right here Continue Reading

Facebook/SECRETS of Louisville Chefs fan page

Saturday, August 16th: Want in on a little secret? Local TV series Secrets of Louisville Chefs is taping this Saturday morning at their new Bourbon Barrel Foods Theater, w/ Chef Dustin Staggers from The Monkey Wrench and Chef Dallas McGarity from Marketplace Restaurant. Not only will you see the show being filmed, but you can taste all of their creations during a Champagne cocktail meet-and-greet, too. Get all the info here

Mercury Ballroom

Saturday, August 16th: Hit the Mercury Ballroom tonight, and you’ll find One More Time, a Daft Punk tribute act wearing the iconic chromed helmets, playing the tunes, and doing it all from a full-scale pyramid stage (in fact, for all intents and purposes, they might as well BE Daft Punk). Get lucky by scoring tickets here

Facebook/Iroquois Amphitheater

Sunday, August 17th: What happens when you combine musicians hailing from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala... and Kentucky? You get Appalatin -- a unique group that fluently combines the sounds and styles indigenous to Latin music with that of American folk. Their next performance is at the stunning Iroquois Amphitheater, and you can make sure you’re there by clicking right here.